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When you don’t want the typical Dad belly and lack of energy.

It’s important as a Dad to still be in shape. We want to be the Dad that runs around the park and has the confidence to take our kids swimming, not be sat on the sofa all the time because we are drained from work.

It’s finding the right way, when we no longer have hours to spend in the gym every week.


When you know you should eat healthier, but just can’t.

There’s no getting away from the fact as we get older, we can’t eat like we used to. We’re not bothered about being a six-pack model (although it would be nice), but we’re fed up of having wobbly bits, and try laugh off the comments from our kids about Dad’s belly.

Fad diets don’t work for us!


We lack the motivation and time for us, because we do everything for our kids.

Get us in a gym, we can do the workout. Give us extra time, we can prep nice healthy meals. Take away all our day to day Dad problems, we could stick to the plan.

We don’t have workout and nutrition issues, we have real life issues, and to get results, we need to get a handle on these first.


Our family becomes our community, because they are our everything.

We give more and more time to our kids, therefore we have less and less time for us. The hobbies, groups, social gatherings we once enjoyed, become few and far between.

Life is a lot harder when you do it alone, it’s time to surround yourself with Dads who are going through the same issues, and this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

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